Top Engineering Videos – Everyday Dazz

Top Engineering Videos – Everyday Dazz

Everyday Dazz is the YouTube channel of Chartered Engineer Darren Wong in the UK.

The channel, which has 13.4K subscribers and 109 videos at the time of writing, was started as a platform for the engineer, who studied for his MEng degree from Cardiff University, to share his knowledge and passion for mentoring.

The channel’s content ranges from helping young civil and structural engineers with their career choices to providing professional chartership advice from his experiences. The track also features advice and personal experiences as a practising structural engineer and tech and app reviews.

Everyday Dazz’s content is diverse and covers various topics, primarily on structural engineering. Some of the most popular videos include “How to Design a reinforced concrete retaining wall – Structural Engineering” with 16K views, “Why do people quit structural engineering?” with 13K views, and “Padstone Design Example for Beam Forming an Opening – Structural Engineering” with 8.5K views. These videos provide valuable insights into structural engineering and do a brilliant job of making complex concepts accessible.

The channel’s educational and engaging content makes it an excellent resource for anyone interested in engineering, learning, and science communication. The creator’s passion for mentoring and sharing knowledge is evident in each video, making the channel a valuable resource for aspiring and practising engineers.

The channel also explores the intersection of engineering and technology, with videos reviewing various tech and apps relevant to the field.

Everyday Dazz is a unique blend of education, engineering, and entertainment. It provides a platform for learning and discussing structural engineering, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in the field. Whether you’re a student, a practising engineer, or just someone interested in learning more about the engineering world, Everyday Dazz has something to offer.

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