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Meet the Engineers using drones to track the feeding habits of seabirds

2 months ago — Quick Read

We used drones to track the feeding habits of seabirds – new research You may have found yourself at the shoreline, watching seabirds plunging into the sea and magically reappearing...

Hydrogen fuel cells allowing data centers rethink of how they use electrical systems

4 months ago — Quick Read

US tech giant Microsoft has begun experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells as a replacement for traditional diesel backup in its data centres. Microsoft hopes that the development of hydrogen fuel-cell...

How can new social housing help us fight climate change?

4 months ago — Quick Read

Homes are the places we spend most of our time, especially during lockdown. Heating your home in winter can be expensive, and comes at a huge environmental cost too. Technology...

Sweden in race to turn steel green

5 months ago — Quick Read

Northern Sweden is seeing a race between two steel giants as they race to turn the technology green. H2 Green Steel has revealed plans for a €2.5 billion hydrogen-powered steel...

Denmark presses ahead with £25bn artificial wind energy island

5 months ago — Quick Read

A new agreement between Danish political parties has cleared the way for the creation of a massive clean energy hub in the North Sea. The £25bn artificial “energy island” is...

VW reveal working prototype of autonomous robotic charging point

7 months ago — Quick Read

Volkswagen has revealed its' working prototype for a robot which can autonomously charge your electric cars.