World first – A.I. ‘Actress’ Cast lands Lead in $70M Sci-Fi Film

5 days ago — Quick Read

A $70 million science fiction film has cast Erica, an AI robot, in new sci-fi film 'b.'

Should we be sceptical of Alibaba’s claim its AI can identify coronavirus infections with 96% accuracy.

4 months ago — Quick Read

Alibaba announced this week that its new AI can identify coronavirus infections with 96% accuracy. Tomography (CT) imaging, also known as "CAT scanning" (Computerized Axial Tomography), provides a different form...

AI can help spot when correlation does mean causation

5 months ago — Long Read

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech has been developed that can merge overlapping and incomplete medical datasets to determine which variables are causative. How artificial intelligence tackles establishing causation from correlation...

A Researcher has created an algorithm to remove the water from underwater photos

8 months ago — Quick Read

A new algorithm can now counteract the distorting impact of water on photography.

AI ‘locked in’ person to write with his mind

8 months ago — Quick Read

A team of researchers have managed to double the speed at which paralyzed people can communicate by allowing them to simply 'imagine' writing with their hand. The experiment aimed to...

Linking brains to computers: how new implants are helping us achieve this goal

10 months ago — Quick Read

Cyborgs are no longer science fiction. The field of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) – which use electrodes, often implanted into the brain, to translate neuronal information into commands capable of controlling...