9 engineering trends to watch in 2023

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Engineering is an ever-evolving field, and with the dawn of a new year comes new trends in the engineering world. It's never too early to look into emerging trends that have the potential to shape the engineering industry this upcoming year! With so much technology making leaps and...

First ever transoceanic voyage by an Autonomous cargo ship completed

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The Prism Courage, developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries, has become the first ship to complete a transoceanic voyage autonomously. The ship, designed to carry natural gas, navigated all the way from the Gulf of Mexico, along the Panama Canal, and the across the Pacific Ocean to South Korea...

Using AI in agriculture could boost global food security – but we need to anticipate the risks

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As the global population has expanded over time, agricultural modernisation has been humanity’s prevailing approach to staving off famine. A variety of mechanical and chemical innovations delivered during the 1950s and 1960s represented the third agricultural revolution. The adoption of pesticides, fertilisers and high-yield crop breeds, among other...