Google AI can spot lung cancer a year before doctors

1 month ago — 1 min read

While Googles latest phones caught the headlines at this week's Googles i/o keynote - the internet giant also revealed its latest - potentially life-saving - advancements in AI tech. Google...

An ‘Alphabet’ company has created an AI which can predict wind output up to 36 hours in advance

4 months ago — 1 min read

When dealing with renewable tech intermittent power supply is a problem for the national grid. Being able to predict the factors that affect renewable energy - like the wind -...

AI learns to detect tumours in microscopy images

5 months ago — 1.5 min read

A team Japanese researchers have been able to spot different cancer within microsoptic images using deep-learning AI techniques. The new technique could lead to better cancer treatments. The technique used...

‘Virtual’ basketball players learn to dribble by themselves

10 months ago — 0.5 min read

Software Engineers have developed a new technique to teach a computer programme dribbling skills.

Facebook Reveal Eye Opening AI Tech

1 year ago — 1.5 min read

Facebook hasn't got a lot of good press recently but their latest AI research paper is eye-opening. Engineers at Facebook have turned to AI techniques to learn new ways to...

Diagnostic computers outperforms human doctors

1 year ago — 2 min read

New tests have been released by Case Western Reserve University which show computer programmes outperforming human doctors in diagnosing common diseases. The new tech relies on 'deep learning' and should...