Peak Fossil Fuels: Renewables Surge Reveals Path to Net Zero

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The rapid growth of renewable energy and electric vehicles shows a clear trend toward reduced fossil fuel dependence, according to the International Energy Agency's (IEA) World Energy Outlook 2023. However, while the report predicts peaking carbon emissions within years, challenges remain to reach stated climate goals. The IEA's annual...

Solar panels a ‘requirement’ on all new EU buildings

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Solar panels are set to become mandatory be on all Europe's new public, commercial buildings, and residential buildings buildings. The European Union wants to boost the rollout of solar energy while also rebuilding Europe’s solar manufacturing industry. As part of the EU's new strategy to dump imports of...

Engineering Futures – Solar Power Stations in Space?

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A solar power station in space? Here’s how it would work – and the benefits it could bring The UK government is reportedly considering a £16 billion proposal to build a solar power station in space. Yes, you read that right. Space-based solar power is one of the technologies...