Top Engineering Videos –  Simone Giertz

Top Engineering Videos – Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz is a Swedish inventor known for her love of Robotics.

Simone love of “useless” inventions came after studying at Stockholm, where she was inspired by the local open-source hardware community. This has evolved into one of the biggest YouTube robotics channels that showcases her inspiring – but often useless – robotics projects.

Top creations so far have included –

  • An alarm clock that slaps the user
  • A lipstick applier
  • A robot to shampoos a user’s hair

Since 2018 Simone has focused on a range of more useful robotic challenges – explaining that useless robotics ‘no longer something she wanted to do, as she felt that the joke had played out’.

Since then she has worked on projects with Adam Savage, a flight to the edge of space and creating a working Telsa Pickup truck from a Tesla Model 3.

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