MIT spinout PlenOptika aims to make vision care more accessible in developing world

3 months ago — 1.5 min read

Getting a glasses prescription is often difficult in developing countries. However, engineers at PlenOptika - an MIT spinout - aim to help with a new device that can create an...

DARPA Announces Funding For a High-Resolution, Implantable Neural Interface

9 months ago — 1 min read

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has just announced contracts to fund five research groups and one company contracts as jump start its Neural Engineering System Design...

LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot Kills Infection-Causing Microbes in Hopstials

9 months ago — 1 min read

Meet LightStrike - the robot making hospitals safer by zapping germs with UV rays. Across the world, hospitals are looking at innovative ways to battle deadly pathogens or kill antibiotic...

Meet the Drone that might one day save your life

10 months ago — 1 min read

Sweden has started a drone trial which could allow emergency medical care to reach patients having a heart-attack ... before an ambulance even arrives. Every second counts when you are...

Engineer Asier Marzo has created a sonic tractor beam … which you can build at home

1 year ago — 1.5 min read

Have you ever wanted to create an acoustic tractor beam to allow you to move objects with sound? Engineer Asier Marzo has not only proved it is possible but produced...

Meet the Robotic Arm you can control with your mind.

1 year ago — 1 min read

A team from the University of Minnesota have unveiled a Robotic Arm, which can reach and grasp real world objects, that you can be control using only your thoughts.