Five of the world’s tiniest robots

6 min read

Allow me to take you on a trip down my memory lane. As a young lad, a film I saw captured my imagination: Fantastic Voyage, a 1966 release about people shrunk to microscopic size and sent into the body of an injured scientist to repair his brain. The...

Engineer scoops major award for his life saving breathing device

2 min read

This years Commonwealth Innovation Awards has been awarded to Nitesh Kumar Jangir, an Indian engineer, who created a breathing device which prevents the deaths of newborn babies. The 2019 Commonwealth Secretary-General's Innovation for Sustainable Development Award celebrates the most outstanding innovators and innovations from any of the...

AI learns to detect tumours in microscopy images

2 min read

A team Japanese researchers have been able to spot different cancer within microsoptic images using deep-learning AI techniques. The new technique could lead to better cancer treatments. The technique used 'phase-contrast microscopy images' - a technique that reveals cellular structures that are not visible with a simple microscope....