The Benefits of Using Sensors in Drones for Several Industries

1 month ago — Long Read

Sensors for drones are increasingly being used for surveying, mapping, and inspections in several industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, environmental management, and waste management. Combining sensors in drones is...

Meet LEONARDO – a bipedal robot who can ride a skateboard and walk a tightrope

4 months ago — Quick Read

Engineers at Caltech have developed a bipedal walking robot that can fly, tightrope, and skateboard.

Post Office begins Orkney island drone trial

4 months ago — Quick Read

Royal Mail has announced a two-week trial to deliver post to remote Orkney island using an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV). The trial, the third this year involving remote communities and...

Meet the Engineers using drones to track the feeding habits of seabirds

8 months ago — Quick Read

We used drones to track the feeding habits of seabirds – new research You may have found yourself at the shoreline, watching seabirds plunging into the sea and magically reappearing...

Engineering Ideas – Can we make drones sound less annoying by factoring in humans at the design stage?

1 year ago — Long Read

These days almost everyone has either flown a drone or listened to the nasty whining sound they produce. Although small drones (up to 20kg) are about 40 decibels quieter than...

Hydrogen Powered Drone sets World Record

2 years ago — Quick Read

A drone, powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, has set a new World Record after flying continuously for 331 minutes. The record was reported by Fuel Cell Works who confirmed...