Engineering Ideas – Can we make drones sound less annoying by factoring in humans at the design stage?

2 months ago — Long Read

These days almost everyone has either flown a drone or listened to the nasty whining sound they produce. Although small drones (up to 20kg) are about 40 decibels quieter than...

Hydrogen Powered Drone sets World Record

10 months ago — Quick Read

A drone, powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, has set a new World Record after flying continuously for 331 minutes. The record was reported by Fuel Cell Works who confirmed...

The Do’s and Don’ts of UK Drone Law

2 years ago — Long Read

Today Drones brought Gatwick to a halt but what are the existing rules in the UK for flying? Even though drones have rapidly increased in popularity the laws relating to...

Drones in Construction — How They’re Transforming the Industry

2 years ago — Quick Read

Whether flying around a room or capturing unique aerial footage, advances in drone tech are offering new possibilities and applications — especially in the world of construction. Over the last...

Drones set to deliver Burgers and beer in Reykjavík

3 years ago — Quick Read

Icelandic company AHA is set to expand the number of drones it operates in Reykjavik.

Drones help free whales from ocean debris

3 years ago — Quick Read

Ocean debris can be deadly for marine life. Everything from discarded fishing gear to domestic plastic can represent a real threat to Whales. Specialists at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric...