Ingenuity’s Groundbreaking Mission Comes to a Close After Final Flight on Mars

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NASA's revolutionary Mars helicopter Ingenuity has made history yet again, achieving one final flight on January 18th before sustaining damage that ended its operations for the last time. Originally intended as a short-term tech demo, the 1.8 kg rotorcraft exceeded expectations by logging over 70 flights during...

Zipline’s drones reduce blood wastage by 67% in Rwanda

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Zipline’s has been celebrating its impact on the healthcare system in Rwanda and Ghana. Zipline has spent the last decade looking at the problem of Africa geography and its impact on healthcare. The company has taken an engineering approach; building out a complex network of drones managed by...

Using AI in agriculture could boost global food security – but we need to anticipate the risks

Deep Dive

As the global population has expanded over time, agricultural modernisation has been humanity’s prevailing approach to staving off famine. A variety of mechanical and chemical innovations delivered during the 1950s and 1960s represented the third agricultural revolution. The adoption of pesticides, fertilisers and high-yield crop breeds, among other...