Hydrogen Powered Drone sets World Record

7 months ago — Quick Read

A drone, powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, has set a new World Record after flying continuously for 331 minutes. The record was reported by Fuel Cell Works who confirmed...

The Do’s and Don’ts of UK Drone Law

2 years ago — Long Read

Today Drones brought Gatwick to a halt but what are the existing rules in the UK for flying? Even though drones have rapidly increased in popularity the laws relating to...

Drones in Construction — How They’re Transforming the Industry

2 years ago — Quick Read

Whether flying around a room or capturing unique aerial footage, advances in drone tech are offering new possibilities and applications — especially in the world of construction. Over the last...

Drones set to deliver Burgers and beer in Reykjavík

2 years ago — Quick Read

Icelandic company AHA is set to expand the number of drones it operates in Reykjavik.

Drones help free whales from ocean debris

2 years ago — Quick Read

Ocean debris can be deadly for marine life. Everything from discarded fishing gear to domestic plastic can represent a real threat to Whales. Specialists at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

Drone rescues teens hours after being unveiled for trial

3 years ago — Quick Read

A brand new rescue drone - just out of the box for trials - was put to use in a real rescue at Lennox Head, Australia, yesterday.