Drones set to deliver Burgers and beer in Reykjavík

2 months ago — 0.5 min read

Icelandic company AHA is set to expand the number of drones it operates in Reykjavik.

Drones help free whales from ocean debris

3 months ago — 0.5 min read

Ocean debris can be deadly for marine life. Everything from discarded fishing gear to domestic plastic can represent a real threat to Whales. Specialists at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

Drone rescues teens hours after being unveiled for trial

7 months ago — 0.5 min read

A brand new rescue drone - just out of the box for trials - was put to use in a real rescue at Lennox Head, Australia, yesterday.

Drone delivers straight into your hands

11 months ago — 0.5 min read

Cambridge Consultants has developed a new drone delivery concept that is able to place items directly into customers’ hands while authenticating deliveries using codes flashed from your phone’s LED

It’s a race to the bottom for the next generation of underwater drones

11 months ago — 0.5 min read

We have seen underwater drones such as Trident, Gladius and Blueye Pioneer crop up on crowd-funding sites over the last year. YouCan's BlueWater 1 (BW1) has just joined that list....

How Japan’s adorable zero-gravity space drone navigates ISS

1 year ago — 1 min read

There is no denying that Japans Aerospace Exploration Agencies (JAXA) JEM Internal Ball Camera is cute but the tiny space drone is packed full of some interesting engineering. Your browser...