#Solar Power

NASA Advances Concept for Solar-Powered Fixed-Wing Aircraft to Explore Mars

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Mars has been a prime target for exploration missions over the past few decades to study the planet's atmosphere, surface, and potential for supporting life. A primary goal is to perform more widespread and comprehensive surveys of the Mars terrain, which poses challenges due to the planet's size...

AQUON One: Want a zero-emissions luxury yacht with an unlimited range?

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Imagine a luxury yacht gliding effortlessly through the water, powered solely by solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells. European yacht broker MYSEA has just announced the beginning of sales for the AQUON One, a 64-foot eco-catamaran with an unlimited range with zero emissions. The company behind this eco-friendly...

Germany’s 2035 Goal: 100% Renewable Energy

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Germany is making a bold move towards a sustainable future by setting an ambitious goal to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2035, positioning itself as a leader in the global transition towards sustainable energy sources in the engineering sector. The country plans to increase the use of wind...