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Pioneers of Modern Wind Turbines Win 2024 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Decades of Groundbreaking Innovations

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The 2024 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (QEPrize) has been awarded to wind energy pioneers Henrik Stiesdal and Andrew Garrad for their decades of groundbreaking innovations in wind turbine technology. The prize honours engineers whose work provides global benefit to humanity. As early innovators, Stiesdal and Garrad...

New Nuclear Fusion Energy Record, Bringing Carbon-Free Future Closer

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Scientists at the Joint European Torus (JET) experimental fusion facility in the UK have announced a breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy. In the project's final experiments before decommissioning, the team set a new world record for sustained atomic fusion power output, achieving 59 megajoules of fuel over 5 seconds....

Multi-Billion Pound Mersey Tidal Barrage Pitched as 120-Year UK First

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If given the green light, a proposed tidal barrage across the River Mersey could become the largest infrastructure project in the North West. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) has proposed a £multi-billion barrage designed to generate predictable renewable energy for over a century while better connecting...