Loughborough University develop revolutionary explosive detection device

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Loughborough University has unveiled a new device that can identify tiny amounts of explosive particles invisible to the naked eye. ExDtect – the brainchild of Loughborough professor John Tyler uses sophisticated laser technology and can remotely scan vehicles, crowded areas, and cargo not just to detect traces of...

Record $286 billion invested in renewables globally in 2015

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Developing nations have led the way in investing in renewable energy in 2015, as revealed by a study by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management for the UN Environment Programme. The report reveals that in 2015, investment in renewable energy was double the amount invested in coal...

National survey shows strong support for women in engineering

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A survey by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and released on International Woman’s Day has shown that 78% of the British public think engineering is a good career choice for women, and that the majority see it as a prestigious profession which should be taught more in schools....