Engineering Health

New implant can restore partial vision to blind people

8 hours ago — Long Read

Bio-engineers are hailing new tech as a ‘paradigm shift’. The new implant can transmit video images directly to the visual cortex, bypassing the eye and optic nerve. Trials have shown...

Engineer scoops major award for his life saving breathing device

3 weeks ago — Quick Read

This years Commonwealth Innovation Awards has been awarded to Nitesh Kumar Jangir, an Indian engineer, who created a breathing device which prevents the deaths of newborn babies.

Lego Braille bricks help visually impaired children learn

3 months ago — Long Read

Lego has revealed its newest line of building blocks - however, these are a bit a different. The new Braille-based design aims to help visually impaired children learn the language....

3D printed tissues could keep athletes on track

4 months ago — Quick Read

Bio-engineers from Rice University and the University of Maryland have shown off their first success at engineering scaffolds which can act like osteochondral tissue. Problems with osteochondral tissue - the...

AI learns to detect tumours in microscopy images

6 months ago — Long Read

A team Japanese researchers have been able to spot different cancer within microsoptic images using deep-learning AI techniques. The new technique could lead to better cancer treatments. The technique used...

STEM Book Club August – In Search of the Perfect Engineering Summer Read

11 months ago — Quick Read

This month we are doing something a little different for the summer holidays and diving into fiction. Finding the perfect books for you to sit back with in the sun....