Engineering Health

Engineers create device to help visually impaired avoid obstacles

6 months ago — Long Read

A new study has shown that a simple vibrating wristband can improve mobility for visually impaired individuals. The wristband allows visually impaired people wearing it to avoid collisions when out...

NHS set to roll out Blood test to detect 50 types of cancer

7 months ago — Quick Read

NHS England is set to roll out a simple blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer. The test is able to pick up on 50 types...

VR improves balance in older people

9 months ago — Long Read

New Virtual Reality tech could help improve balance in older people. Computer Scientists at CAMERA have been investigating if VR technology can help prevent falls and concluded a range of...

Neuralink cofounder sets sights on Jurassic Park

10 months ago — Quick Read

The co-founder of Neuralink - Max Hodak - has raised some interesting questions about the merits of bio-diversity after suggesting we build a real-world Jurassic Park.

NHS Capsule Cam will test for cancer

11 months ago — Quick Read

Thousands of UK patients who have experienced symptoms of bowel cancer are in line to receive a special drug capsule that stores a tiny camera inside of it. The NHS...

Bath Engineers make Covid breakthrough

12 months ago — Quick Read

University of Bath Engineers have created a pioneering new way to ventilate multiple COVID patients in the event equipment shortages. Demand for ventilator - machines that assist a patient to...