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When will I be able to upload my brain to a computer?

3 weeks ago — Deep Dive

We often imagine that human consciousness is as simple as input and output of electrical signals within a network of processing units – therefore comparable to a computer. Reality, however,...

Top Engineering Videos – BrainCraft

1 month ago — Quick Read

BrainCraft isn't technically about Engineering - it's all about psychology, neuroscience and self-development - but it's the perfect mix of interesting facts and soft-skills that are critical to an Engineering...

Zipline’s drones reduce blood wastage by 67% in Rwanda

3 months ago — Quick Read

Zipline’s has been celebrating its impact on the healthcare system in Rwanda and Ghana. Zipline has spent the last decade looking at the problem of Africa geography and its impact...

Vertical Farming gets big investment from Walmart

5 months ago — Quick Read

Vertical farming is seen as a good Engineering solution to grow organic food within cities.

Florence Bell: the ‘housewife’ who played a key part in our understanding of DNA

5 months ago — Deep Dive

When the Yorkshire Evening News reported on an address delivered by 25-year-old physicist Florence Bell at a scientific conference held in Leeds in 1939, it wasn’t her science that made...

Regenerative Medicine – Scientists regrow frogs’ amputated limbs

5 months ago — Quick Read

A team of researchers have successfully regrown the legs a group of frogs. The technique is a significant advance for regenerative medicine and a step forward in - one day...