The journey towards a career is one of life’s most challenging voyages. The starting point is different for everyone since the skills, ambition and character are those of an individual. The journey itself is complicated since the language at the start – an array of defined subjects at school – is different from the language at the close – a set of changing demands linked to employment in the wider world.

The end point is not only different for each individual but is one which refines its character throughout the trip. This is particularly true for engineering. The wealth of eventual careers covers all the disciplines of engineering and every sphere where those disciplines make their contribution. The common factor, that an engineer uses skill, experience and vision to find creative answers to the challenges which face us, is a noble aspiration but one which even enlarges the extent of the choice. The shaping of the career must involve the one involved!

So it is a journey without maps, but one often made in the company of a team of parents, advisors, employers and fellow students. There is also a vast array of local signposting from imaginative, energetic and enthusiastic groups who wish to help the traveller on the way.

The aim is to provide for anyone interested in the undertaking – traveller, teacher, parent, advisor – a reliable guide to the sources of information best able to turn this most crucial of  journeys into a successful venture.

We hope you find this website useful.

Sir John O’Reilly
DSc FREng HonFIET – Chairman ERA Foundation

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