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Nasa begins process of focusing James Webb space telescope

6 mins ago — Long Read

Nasa has kicked off its months-long process of focusing the James Webb space telescope. The revolutionary new scope is a an international collaboration led by NASA in partnership with the...

Space missions to look forward to in 2022 – Asteroids, the Moon and Mars

2 weeks ago — Long Read

Astronomers ended 2021 on a high with the launch on December 25 of the James Webb Space Telescope, a joint mission between the European Space Agency, Nasa and the Canadian...

James Webb space telescope gets launch date

4 weeks ago — Quick Read

It's official. The heavily-delayed launch of the James Webb space telescope will blast off on 24 December. Nasa has officially confirmed 24 December as the launch date for the advanced...

Airseas hope to drag cargo around the world … with a kite.

1 month ago — Quick Read

A french renewable energy startup - Airseas - is seeking to revolutionise cargo ships with kite power. The idea is to harness wind power to help reduce the shipping industry...

iRonCub – Jetpacks and Terrifying Dolls face

1 month ago — Quick Read

Engineers from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) have created a jetpack-wearing humanoid robot.

Engineering Questions – why can’t we put a space station on the Moon?

1 month ago — Long Read

A space station on the Moon could be very useful. It would provide future space missions with a stopping point between leaving the Earth and reaching further into the Solar...