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Shape-Shifting Tetraflex: Revolutionizing Robotics for Extreme Environments

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In the evolving world of robotics, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory has introduced a significant innovation - the Tetraflex robot. This tetrahedral, shape-shifting robot is engineered to navigate through diverse obstacles. Tetraflex is not your standard robot. Its design blends soft and rigid components, allowing it to adapt to...

Scotland’s Space Aspirations: Orbex Takes Centre Stage at Glasgow’s ‘Space for Everyone’ Event

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In the heart of Glasgow, the past meets the promise of the future. Decades ago, the UK celebrated its only successful satellite launch with the Black Arrow rocket. Today, the nation is witnessing a renaissance in its space ambitions, with Scotland playing a pivotal role. Orbex, a leading...

Possible hints of life found on distant planet – how excited should we be?

Deep Dive

Data from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has shown that an exoplanet around a star in the constellation Leo has some of the chemical markers that, on Earth, are associated with living organisms. But these are vague indications. So how likely is it that this exoplanet harbours...