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Top Engineering Videos – Jared Owen

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With tens of millions of views on multiple videos, Jared Owen has quickly become one of YouTube's go-to channels for engaging and informative explanations of engineering concepts. Through 3D animations created in Blender, Jared clearly breaks down the inner workings of various vehicles, buildings, and space technology. Having...

Top Engineering Videos – Branch Education

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With over 177,000 subscribers and 17 million views, Branch Education stands out for its detailed explanations of complex engineering concepts and systems. Created by former semiconductor engineer Teddy Tablante, the channel features accurate 3D models and visualizations illuminating how smartphones, computer hardware, SSDs, and speakers work. What...

Top Engineering Videos – Everyday Dazz

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Everyday Dazz is the YouTube channel of Chartered Engineer Darren Wong in the UK. The channel, which has 13.4K subscribers and 109 videos at the time of writing, was started as a platform for the engineer, who studied for his MEng degree from Cardiff University, to share his...