Engineering Podcasts –  Foundation for Science and Technology Podcast

Engineering Podcasts – Foundation for Science and Technology Podcast

The FST Podcast is a product of the Foundation for Science and Technology, an organization established in 1977 that provides a neutral platform for debating policy issues with a science, research, technology, or innovation element.

Each episode of the FST Podcast presents an in-depth discussion on a specific topic. These topics range from the importance of innovation in the UK, as discussed by Paul Mason, Director of Innovation Policy at Innovate UK, to the use of AI in healthcare with Professor Chris Holmes, Programme Director for Health and Medical Sciences at the Alan Turing Institute.

The podcast also explores the world of semiconductors, a crucial component of modern technology, with experts like Ian Croston, General Manager of Coherent, and Scott White, Founder and Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives at Pragmatic.
These discussions comprehensively understand the field, its challenges, and future prospects.

The FST Podcast is not just a series of interviews; it’s a trove of knowledge for anyone interested in science, research, technology, and innovation.

The podcast features interviews with top experts in their respective fields, giving listeners first-hand insights into the latest developments and trends. It covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that listeners understand the world of science and technology comprehensively.

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