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The Design and Technology Association have just launched their official podcast and it’s great!


‘Designed for life’ aims to entertain, inform and inspire, bringing the worlds of business and industry together.

The Design and Technology Association promote Design and Technology which is a wide-ranging curriculum subject taught throughout the UK. Along with qualifications in other facilitating subjects, DT can open doors to students across an ever-increasing breadth of career.

England was the first country in the world to introduce this subject to its mainstream curriculum offer in 1988. Where we led others, have followed and in various guises, it is now taught in countries around the world including India, Australia, China, USA, France and Finland.

The podcast consists of a series of short, informal conversations with people from across the worlds of education, industry and design.

The Design and Technology Association hope it will help to link business, industry and education, as the solutions to tomorrows problems are being educated today!

The first episode features Jay Blades – a community worker, furniture restorer and TV presenter.

Jay talks through his journey from his education in North West London to working with his ex-wife to set up ‘Out of the Dark’ a social enterprise created to help disadvantaged young people learn practical skills through furniture renovation and design.

Throughout we can’t help by be impressed by a man who likes to connect with people and is drawn to want to make a difference to those born to a disadvantaged start in life.

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