Engineering Podcasts – The Undistilled Series

Engineering Podcasts – The Undistilled Series

A new podcast from TWI is focusing on world-class experts as well as leading authorities from industry and academia.

The series, The Undistilled Series, has just put out its first episode and is set to bring in a number of big engineering brand names over the next few months to discuss a range of Engineering related topics.

TWI is an Independent research and technology organisation, with expertise in applying engineering, materials and joining technologies across all industry sectors.

The first episode sees Electron beam expert, Dr Colin Ribton talk to host Mike Emmett about the latest EB developments for industry; touching on the benefits and future developments in industries such as Automotive, Oil and Gas, and Power, alongside how the technology aligns with manufacturing and government schemes such as clean energy, AI, Net Zero, Industry 4.0, and much more.

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