Engineering Podcasts – PII Podcast

Engineering Podcasts – PII Podcast

‘PII Podcast’ is the official podcast of Process Industry Informer. A series sees host Dave Howell discuses the latest technologies and future insights throughout the manufacturing process industries.

Process Industry Informer is an independent publisher, originally launched in 1994 as Process Products, and is on a mission to help process sites operate more efficiently, effectively and safely by educating a its audience with news, product updates, case studies and technical articles.

The podcast is a great insight into the day to day work that a Process Engineers might do. Process engineers are typically trained in chemical engineering.

Process Engineering is all about how Engineers can design, implement and optimise chemical and biochemical processes. A lot of the time this is working with continuous flow processes on an industrial scale.

Most people associate this with turning raw materials like oil, natural gas into products like petrol, fuel, plastics or drugs. However, it can also be working with products like milk, or yeast to create beer, butter or butter.

Over the last 25 years it has evolved to offer webinars, roundtables and now podcasts. The podcast has clocked over 20 episodes (at time of writing) and an impressive 10,000 downloads.

The Podcast has dived into everything from working with analytics, digitalisation of breweries, water pumps to cyber security.

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