London Tech Week 2024: AI, Quantum Computing, and the Future of Engineering Innovation

London Tech Week 2024: AI, Quantum Computing, and the Future of Engineering Innovation

London Tech Week 2024 has kicked off and is set to unite visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors, and enterprise tech leaders in a dynamic celebration of technological innovation.

The celebration of UK tech will take place all this week—from June 10-12, 2024—and showcase the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, cybersecurity, and more. Over 45,000 attendees are expected across 75 hours of engaging content.

London Tech Week has come a long way since its inception in 2014, growing from a modest gathering of tech enthusiasts to a global phenomenon that attracts tens of thousands of attendees from over 90 countries.


The inaugural London Technology Week 2014 was a collaborative effort between London & Partners, UBM, Tech London Advocates, and ExCeL London. This groundbreaking event brought together over 200 individual events and welcomed more than 40,000 delegates, making it Europe’s largest gathering of tech events.

The week-long celebration saw tech entrepreneurs rubbing shoulders with prominent figures such as then-Mayor of London Boris Johnson and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Central Working space, setting the stage for future collaborations and partnerships.

As the years progressed, London Tech Week expanded its reach and influence. In 2016, the event witnessed several key moments, including Digital Minister Ed Vaizey’s first-ever Instagram post during the official launch and Baroness Oona King’s powerful advocacy for greater diversity within the tech industry. The event also highlighted London’s growing prominence in the global digital community, attracting international delegates and speakers from regions such as the Nordics, China, and Africa. The launch of Tech London Advocates chapters in Australia, New Zealand, and Austin, Texas, further underscored the event’s expanding global footprint.

The 2017 edition of London Tech Week featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including Ronan Harris (MD Google UK & Ireland), Sir Martin Sorrell (CEO WPP), Kristo Kaarman (CEO TransferWise), and Nicholas Cary (Co-Founder The event also showcased cutting-edge innovations introduced by global events provider KNect365, such as virtual reality exhibits and wearable technology, demonstrating its commitment to embracing and showcasing the latest advancements in the tech world.

In the face of global challenges, London Tech Week shifted to a virtual format in 2020. This move ensured that the event remained accessible to a global audience despite the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual event covered various tech-related topics, focusing on crucial areas such as health, education, business transformation, the future of work, diversity, and inclusion. Prominent speakers, including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden, emphasized the event’s ongoing relevance in shaping conversations around the evolving tech ecosystem.

Throughout its history, it has consistently showcased the diversity and talent within the tech ecosystem, fostering collaboration and driving positive change. By bringing together inspirational founders, global leaders, senior investors, and emerging stars, the event has provided a platform for engaging discussions on the pivotal role of technology in society and its potential to address global challenges.

Exploring the Convergence of AI and Quantum Technologies

As AI storms the tech ecosystem, London Tech Week will delve into this transformative technology’s ethics, real-world impacts, and potential. Attendees should expect insights from industry leaders at the forefront of the AI revolution.

The event will also spotlight the groundbreaking advancements in quantum computing. As quantum technologies converge with AI, industries are poised for a profound reshaping. London Tech Week provides a platform to explore these cutting-edge developments and their implications for businesses and society.

Unveiling the Potential of Quantum Technologies

Quantum computing has emerged as one of the most promising deep-tech areas, potentially revolutionizing fields like cryptography, drug discovery, and optimization. London Tech Week recognizes the significance of this technological frontier and will feature dedicated sessions on quantum innovations.

Attendees can look forward to keynotes and panels featuring quantum experts who will shed light on the current state of quantum computing and its future trajectory. Discussions will cover topics such as:

  • Quantum algorithms and their applications
  • Quantum hardware advancements
  • Quantum cryptography and security implications
  • Quantum simulations for scientific breakthroughs

With major players like IBM, Google, and Microsoft heavily investing in quantum research, London Tech Week is a hub for exploring these technologies’ commercial viability and societal impact.

Connecting Startups, Scaleups, and Investors

London Tech Week isn’t just about showcasing the latest technologies; it’s also a catalyst for entrepreneurship and startup growth. The event will bring together over 5,000 startups and 1,000 investors. The Founders Stage will feature top entrepreneurs, industry experts, and leading investors sharing their insights on the dynamic tech landscape. Startups can connect with VCs, CVCs, and angel investors through dedicated meeting spaces and networking events.

Moreover, the Pitch Stage will provide a platform for the next generation of entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative businesses. From AI-powered solutions to quantum-based startups, attendees can discover the most promising ventures across various tech verticals.

Harnessing Technology for a Greener Future

As the world grapples with climate change, London Tech Week recognizes the crucial role of technology in driving sustainable solutions. The event will highlight eco-friendly innovations, circular economy principles, and the intersection of tech and sustainability.

Attendees can expect sessions on:

  • AI for environmental monitoring and prediction
  • Quantum computing for energy optimization
  • Blockchain for transparent and ethical supply chains
  • IoT sensors for smart cities and sustainable infrastructure

By showcasing green engineering solutions, London Tech Week aims to inspire businesses to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a thriving planet.

Upskilling and Talent Development in the Age of AI

As AI and automation continue to reshape industries, the nature of work is undergoing a significant transformation. London Tech Week will address the critical topic of talent development and upskilling in an AI-driven world.

Sessions will explore:

  • The evolving skill sets required in the age of AI
  • Strategies for lifelong learning and continuous upskilling
  • The role of education institutions in preparing the workforce
  • Ethical considerations in AI deployment and job displacement

London Tech Week aims to equip attendees with the insights needed to navigate the changing job market and build a resilient workforce by fostering discussions on the future of work.

Safeguarding Data and Ensuring Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

Securing data and protecting privacy have become paramount in an increasingly connected world. London Tech Week will explore the latest cybersecurity threats, proactive solutions, and ethical responsibilities surrounding data protection.

Attendees can expect sessions on:

  • AI-powered cybersecurity tools and threat detection
  • Quantum-resistant cryptography
  • Blockchain for secure data sharing and privacy preservation
  • Regulatory frameworks and data governance best practices

London Tech Week aims to foster a resilient and trustworthy digital ecosystem by addressing the critical aspects of cybersecurity and data protection.

London Tech Week 2024 promises to spotlight technological advancement, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. The event will shape the future of innovation by bringing together the brightest minds in AI, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and sustainability.

As attendees immerse themselves in cutting-edge content and engage with industry leaders, they will gain the insights and connections needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Whether you’re a startup founder, enterprise tech leader, or investor, London Tech Week offers an unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of the tech revolution.

London Tech Week 2024 will be held in the city’s heart at the iconic Olympia London. The venue is easily accessible by public transportation, with the Kensington (Olympia) overground station located directly outside. Attendees can also choose from several nearby London Underground stations, including West Brompton (District Line), Shepherd’s Bush (Central Line), Baron’s Court (Piccadilly Line), and High Street Kensington (District and Circle Lines). These stations are just a short walk from Olympia London, making it convenient for attendees to reach the event. Direct overground services run from locations such as Clapham Junction, Willesden Junction, and Stratford for those coming from further afield. Getting to London Tech Week 2024 is a breeze with multiple transport options.

The event runs between June 10-12, 2024



  • London Tech Week 2024: Premier tech event showcasing AI, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and more
  • 45,000+ attendees, 5,000+ startups, 1,000+ investors across 75 hours of content
  • Highlights: AI ethics and impacts, quantum tech advancements, startup pitches, sustainable engineering, future of work, cybersecurity solutions
  • Opportunity for networking, collaboration, and insights from industry leaders
  • Driving the future of tech innovation towards a sustainable, secure, and AI-powered world
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