Engineering Podcasts – Grinding Gears

Engineering Podcasts – Grinding Gears

Grinding Gears is a new podcast aimed at filling in the Engineering knowledge you didn’t learn in school.

Grinding Gears aims to get to grips with the reality that most Engineering technical know-how is learned informally on the job and that making sense of specialized engineering knowledge is not easy. The podcast aims to serve as your own personal tribe of mentors. Sharing the knowledge you need to have a successful career.

Each episode is built around sharing tribal knowledge from top engineering and manufacturing leaders to help you on your journey.

The first episode of Grinding Gears features James Trevelyan who is the author of a book titled “The Making of an Expert Engineer.” In this episode, James shares his journey as an engineer, why it’s actually more expensive to do work overseas, and how to avoid frustration as an up and coming engineer.

While the Podcast is new, there are only two episodes to date, it is being supported by Engineering network Assist 2 Develop and CAD developer SolidWorks. It should be around for a while. Production is gearing up to two monthly podcasts for the rest of the year, and one a week going in 2019.

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