Golden Motorsports Triumphs in F1 in Schools UK National Finals

Golden Motorsports Triumphs in F1 in Schools UK National Finals

In the heart of The Edge, the University of Leeds’ state-of-the-art sports and wellness facility, the Lenovo F1 in Schools UK National Finals 2023 concluded last weekend.

The F1 in Schools UK National Finals 2023 marks the end of a contest that has nurtured young minds in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) since its inception in 2000.

This weekend’s competition saw 52 teams from England, Scotland, and Wales vying for the top spot. This year’s event was a testament to the growing popularity of this Formula 1-endorsed STEM challenge, with the competition being more intense than ever.

Golden Motorsports, a team of six 17-year-olds from St Olave’s Grammar School in Kent, emerged victorious. The group, composed of Tommy Farmer, Ojas Tiwari, Frank Gubars, Ayman Chowdhury, Oluwaferanmi Akodu, and Mohammed Anas, not only clinched the coveted title of UK National Champions but also secured the award for Best Engineered Car.

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Golden Motorsports (1st), Vega Racing (2nd), Sigma Racing 3rd)

Their success has paved the way for them to compete in the prestigious Aramco F1 in Schools World Finals 2024. Golden Motorsports demonstrated an impressive level of proficiency in each area of the competition. Their performance captivated the judging panel, which included industry professionals and representatives from several F1 teams, such as Oracle Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant, and McLaren Racing.

Reflecting on their achievement, Team Leader Tommy Farmer expressed his exhilaration, “We’ve been dreaming of this moment for years, ever since we first got involved in the competition in 2018. It’s the most exhilarating feeling now we’re finally here. We’re so grateful to everyone that helped us to achieve the title, and we can’t wait to represent ourselves on the biggest stage for STEM there is – the F1 in Schools World Finals.”

The event was a triumph for Golden Motorsports and a celebration of the immense talent and hard work of all the participants. Tom Milner, UK Project Manager for F1 in Schools, praised the quality of work on display, stating, “This year’s National Finals has just been a fantastic event – the level and quality of work on show has been phenomenal, and we are beyond impressed with everything our students have achieved.”

The F1 in Schools competition is more than just a race; it’s a multidisciplinary challenge that prepares students for their future in the workplace. It’s a testament to the power of STEM education and its ability to inspire and equip the next generation of innovators and leaders. As Sally Martin, UK&I Senior Commercial Marketing Manager at Lenovo, aptly said, “The UK National Finals was a testament that F1 in Schools is the most exciting STEM-based educational project.”

Golden Motorsports will be joined at the global stage of the competition by runners-up and Scottish National Champions Vega Racing from Linlithgow Academy, Sigma Racing from Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College, Welsh National Champions Team Epoch from Denbigh High School, and Development Class winners Inferno, also from St Olave’s Grammar School.

The F1 in Schools competition is a proven route to automotive careers and wider STEM-related industries, with many former participants progressing to roles within F1, NASA, Airbus, BAE Systems, and SpaceX. It’s a platform that fuels the passion for racing and ignites the spark for scientific discovery and innovation.

The recent success of Golden Motorsports is a testament to this, and we eagerly await their performance at the World Finals next year.

  • Golden Motorsports, a team from St Olave’s Grammar School in Kent, won the Lenovo F1® in Schools UK National Finals 2023.
  • The team demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the competition.
  • They secured the UK National Champions title and the Best Engineered Car award.
  • Their victory has earned them a place in the prestigious Aramco F1 in Schools World Finals 2024.

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