Engineering Podcasts –  Engineering Success

Engineering Podcasts – Engineering Success

Engineering Success is a podcast dedicated to the engineering industry and careers in other STEM-related fields.

The idea is really simple – Engineering Success creates greater awareness about the amazing opportunities engineering can offer.

They interview influential leaders, inspiring engineers, and engineering professionals who are changing the perception of engineering.

If you are interested about the routes into engineering and how people have made their own journey into Engineering then it is a must-subscribe.

Of course, alongside the many positives of an Engineering career Engineering Success are open about the challenges people in the field face as engineers, how the industry needs to embrace change, and how engineering shapes the future of all our lives.

Top Episode

Our top pick has to be the conversation with Dr Nike Folayan. Nike is a Technical Director at leading Engineering and Consultancy firm WSP but is more widely known as the co-founder of AFBE-UK (Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers).

AFBE-UK was founded by Nike and her brother Dr Ollie Folayan in 2007, she remains one of the leading voices and advocates for more representation of BME engineers in the industry and works relentlessly through AFBE-UK to support under-represented individuals.

AFBE-UK has now actively supported over 20,000 individuals seeking work in engineering and engineering-related subjects whilst also engaging a mix of communities across the UK ranging from companies to engineering institutions and schools, to develop and showcase the engineering talent available within the BME community thereby contributing to the wider engineering talent pool.


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