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What is dark matter is made of? Arrakhis aims to find out

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Arrakhis: the tiny satellite aiming to reveal what dark matter is made of The European Space Agency (Esa) recently announced a new mission of its science programme: a small telescope orbiting the Earth dubbed Arrakhis. But although its name is inspired by the sci-fi novel Dune, it will not...

James Webb News – New chemical secrets of distant world revealed

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James Webb space telescope uncovers chemical secrets of distant world – paving the way for studying Earth-like planets Since the first planet orbiting a star other than the Sun was discovered in 1995, we have realised that planets and planetary systems are more diverse than we ever imagined. Such...

Understanding what the first James Webb images actually show?

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James Webb telescope: a scientist explains what its first, amazing images show – and how it will change astronomy After decades of development and many trials and frustrations along the way, the James Webb telescope has finally started to deliver what it came for. On July 12, Nasa released...