Engineering Podcasts – But Seriously, What is Engineering?

Engineering Podcasts – But Seriously, What is Engineering?

‘But Seriously, What is Engineering?’ is an Engineering podcast from The University of Queensland which shows there is much more to engineering than hard hats and building bridges

But Seriously, What Is Engineering? is a 12-part podcast series that explores all corners of engineering, from the mine site to the microscope.

The first series was hosted by Kartikee Gupta, a civil and structural engineer and Women in Engineering advocate for The University of Queensland and the second is hosted by The University of Queensland’s Women in Engineering Student Leaders.

The series chats with industry professionals, current engineering students and inspirational educators from across the engineering sector as they ask them the big questions: What does a career in engineering look like? What makes a great engineer? And what’s in store for the future of engineering? Join us as we find out once and for all… but seriously, what is engineering?

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