Engineering Podcasts –  Being an Engineer with Aaron Moncur

Engineering Podcasts – Being an Engineer with Aaron Moncur

In the ever-evolving engineering world, staying updated and connected is not just a luxury but a necessity.

For engineers, this is even more critical. The “Being an Engineer” podcast, hosted by Aaron Moncur, M.S., B.S., is a treasure trove of knowledge, insights, and inspiration that caters to this need.

Moncur, an engineer and entrepreneur with nearly two decades of product development experience, has created a central repository where industry knowledge and best practices associated with engineering disciplines are collected and shared. The podcast is a platform where engineers can connect with relevant companies, technologies, people, resources, and opportunities pertinent to their engineering or engineering-adjacent roles.

The “Being an Engineer” podcast is not just a series of interviews or discussions. It is a vibrant community where engineers from different backgrounds and technical areas share their experiences, insights, and knowledge. The podcast features successful mechanical engineers and interviews engineers who are passionate about their work and have significantly impacted the engineering community.

The podcast opens up opportunities, introducing listeners to guests from different backgrounds and technical areas. The episodes are well-structured and enjoyable, making complex scientific concepts easy for a general audience to understand. The podcast’s enthusiastic and captivating tone encourages listeners to remain interested in the topic and continue learning.

Listeners have praised the podcast for its potential to inspire a new generation of engineers. It has been lauded for its ability to provide many resources, connections, and knowledge that can help engineering students on their journey to becoming engineers. The podcast has also been recognized for bringing in relevant conversations for engineers at any stage of their careers.

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