Top Engineering Channels on Youtube

With so many inspiring Engineering channels it is tricky to know where to start! We have put together our favourite Engineering themed Youtube, Twitch and TikTok content creators

We have had such great feedback on your Engineering podcasts list for 2022 we are showcasing some of the best online video content – from Youtube and Tiktok to Twitch we want to showcase the best STEM video creators.

With so much inspiring Engineering content it is tricky to know where to start, to solve that problem we have put together our favourite Engineering themed video content for you.

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These types of videos are perfect for getting quick bites of science, technology, engineering, and math news and stories. They are ideal format to get both students and teachers inspired.

If you think there is a STEM-content-creator we have missed, let us know! We are always on the lookout for new editions

Top Engineering Videos – How To Mechatronics - 'How To Mechatronics' has hundreds of amazing electronics and robotics projects for you to learn.Run by Dejan, a maker, techie and mechatronics engineer - the channel, and its companion website dives into all things Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Top Engineering Videos – Ludic Science - Love Engineering? Love projects? Ludic Science is for you - the channel showcases a whole range of DIY experiments, how-to's and engineer projects that you can do yourself at home.We would be the firs to admit that this about about as niche a Youtube channel as you can get but the channel just proves how many people out there love Engineering! The channel currently has 130 thousand subscribers and has published around 500 videos with a combined 27 million views.
Top Engineering Videos – More than PowerPoint - One of the the problems we have when putting together recommendations for young Engineers is good resources to develop the soft-skills that are critical to excel in an engineering career.There are so many great channels that talk about interesting Engineering problems, history or projects. However, the reality of working as an engineer - any type of engineer - is that at some point you are going to have present data in an engaging and easily understandable way. That is where Dr Echo Rivera comes in!
Top Engineering Videos – RiverTechJess - Jessica Droujko is an ex-aerospace turned conservation engineer. Her channel shares her love for of science and planet and encourages other young scientists and students to stand up for what they love.
Top Engineering Videos – BrainCraft - BrainCraft isn't technically about Engineering - it's all about psychology, neuroscience and self-development - but it's the perfect mix of interesting facts and soft-skills that are critical to an Engineering career.
Top Engineering Videos – Proto G Engineering - Proto G Engineering is a YouTube channel created by Electromechanical Engineer Anthony Garofalo that dives into the world of Rapid Prototyping, Engineering Projects, Science Experiments, and Microcontrollers.
Top Engineering Videos – Physics Girl - Physics Girl is a YouTube channel created by Dianna Cowern that adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries.
Top Engineering Videos – Real Engineering - Real Engineering is run by Irish YouTuber Brian James McManus and focuses on videos about engineering and technology. Brian publishes videos on everything from planes and renewable energy to military tech.
Top Engineering Videos – Simone Giertz - Simone Giertz is a Swedish inventor known for her love of Robotics. Her Youtube channel has featured a range of useless, and non useless, robotic inventions.
Top Engineering Videos – Draw Curiosity - Run by Inés Dawson, a graduate and PhD student at the University of Oxford, with a background in the biomechanics of insect flight, the channel posts regular videos featuring.
Top Engineering Videos – Up and Atom - Up and Atom is the brain-child of who is helping girl trying to understand the universe through Wikipedia articles.
Top Engineering Videos – GoldieBlox - GoldieBlox is technically a toy company - but its mission is to empower girls to change the world through engineering.
Top Engineering Videos – CrashCourse - CrashCourse was created by YouTube royalty educators, authors and vloggers Hank and John Green.The brothers are came to fame with their channel vlogbrothers but teamed up with a host of experts to give viewers a crash course in everything from physics to literature in 2011. Their crash course on engineering is hosted by Dr. Shini Somara. Dr. Somara is an award-winning, Mechanical Engineer & Fluid Dynamicist turned TV producer and presenter, author and podcaster.
Top Engineering Videos – Veritasium - Veritasium has a great mix of science and engineering videos - featuring everything from experiments, interviews, demos, and discussions about everything science. Veritasium is run by Derek Alexander Muller who is an Australian-Canadian science communicator, filmmaker, and inventor.
Top Engineering Videos – Tom Scott - Tom Scott is an English YouTuber, best known for his amazing educational videos that covers topics from history, geography, science, technology, to linguistics. As of November last year Tom videos have more than 1 billion views, and he has surpassed 4 million subscribers making him one of the biggest STEM youtubers out there.
Top Engineering Videos – Kids Invent Stuff - Ruth & Shawn created the Kids Invent Stuff channel to as a space where 4-11 year olds get to have the chance to have their invention ideas built by real engineers. A new invention challenge happens every month, each with a new theme and a new opportunity for kids to have their invention ideas brought to life.
Top Engineering Videos – Smarter Everyday - Smarter Everyday is run by American engineer and science communicator Destin Sandlin. Destin has a solid Engineering background - with a BS in mechanical engineering and an MS in aerospace engineering.Destin first started posting educational videos back 2007 and his first video reached one million views on July 10, 2009 but it wasn't until he launched Smarter Every Day in April 2011 that he reached STEM star-status.Smarter Everyday often features Destin main interests in flight and space, but topics have included everything from the effects of hypoxia on the human brain, the Prince Rupert's drop, the physics of potato guns, the usefulness of snatch blocks.