Concorde Takes Flight Again – The Legacy of Supersonic Travel

Concorde Takes Flight Again – The Legacy of Supersonic Travel

Twenty years after the Concorde supersonic airliner took its last flight into Filton, Bristol, in 2003, aviation enthusiasts commemorate its legacy with model tribute flights and local events. As an aerospace icon designed and built in Filton, Concorde holds particular significance in the Bristol community.

The Woodspring Wings model aircraft club members played important engineering roles in Concorde’s development. To mark the 20th anniversary of its retirement, the club has built a 25-pound, 11-foot-long scale model of Concorde, featuring an accurate silhouette and jet propulsion system.

On November 25th, model aircraft hobbyists and the media will gather as the Concorde replica takes to the skies over Yatton. Local crowds eagerly await a glimpse of the legendary plane’s distinctive shape gracing the air once more.

While only a reproduction, the model is an inspiring case study of Concorde’s advanced aerodynamics and timeless design. As new supersonic jets promise faster and more sustainable future travel, Concorde is an enduring testament to engineering innovation. Its brief yet trailblazing flight tenure sparked cultural nostalgia that persists decades later.

Though improved technologies may someday surpass its achievements, Concorde remains an aspirational symbol of supersonic flight’s remarkable possibilities. The majestic sight of it streaking across the skies, if only a miniature version, renews hopes for the next generation of high-speed aircraft redefining aviation.


  • On November 25th, a model Concorde will fly to mark the retiring aircraft’s 20th anniversary
  • Local group Woodspring Wings built the 11-foot replica to commemorate Concorde’s last flight in 2003
  • Concorde was an advanced supersonic airliner built in Bristol then retired after final landing
  • Members hope the miniature tribute revives memories and enthusiasm for the engineering icon
  • Though retired, Concorde remains an enduring inspiration for innovative aviation achievements
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