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How to deal with cancelled exams? Adopt university-style ways of working!

1 month ago — Long Read

Exams cancelled? Think like a university student to get ahead A-level exams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been cancelled, along with Highers in Scotland. It’s not yet clear...

Eleanor Stride awarded OBE in New Years Honours List

2 months ago — Quick Read

Born to Engineer star Professor Eleanor Stride joined 250 others, from across the UK, to be awarded a prestigious OBE (Order of the British Empire) in this year's New Years...

Mimi Isabella Nwosu – Engineering Myths

4 months ago — Quick Read

Civil Engineer Mimi-Isabella busts some myths about engineering.

Exam Results 2020 – Why algorithms get things so wrong?

6 months ago — Quick Read

A-level results: why algorithms get things so wrong – and what we can do to fix them The scale of public anger over the automated downgrading of thousands of students’...

Engineering Careers in Focus – How to become a Semiconductor Engineer

10 months ago — Long Read

In a world where electrical devices are crucial to life’s functionality, semiconductor engineering becomes a top career, and a much needed service to millions. A semiconductor engineer sees to it...