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Reading List – 5 books that teach children valuable engineering lessons

5 months ago — Deep Dive

5 children’s books that teach valuable engineering lessons Most people think of the children’s classic “Charlotte’s Web” as a story of devoted friendship between a spider and a pig. But it...

Engineering Podcasts – Teach The Geek

9 months ago — Long Read

Teach The Geek sees Engineer Neil Thompson dive into the topic of public speaking for those working in and around STEM. The podcast has something for everyone, from complete novices...

How to deal with cancelled exams? Adopt university-style ways of working!

10 months ago — Long Read

Exams cancelled? Think like a university student to get ahead A-level exams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been cancelled, along with Highers in Scotland. It’s not yet clear...

Eleanor Stride awarded OBE in New Years Honours List

11 months ago — Quick Read

Born to Engineer star Professor Eleanor Stride joined 250 others, from across the UK, to be awarded a prestigious OBE (Order of the British Empire) in this year's New Years...

Mimi Isabella Nwosu – Engineering Myths

1 year ago — Quick Read

Civil Engineer Mimi-Isabella busts some myths about engineering.

Exam Results 2020 – Why algorithms get things so wrong?

1 year ago — Quick Read

A-level results: why algorithms get things so wrong – and what we can do to fix them The scale of public anger over the automated downgrading of thousands of students’...