Route Into Engineering – Professor Eleanor Stride

engineering careers  Route Into Engineering – Professor Eleanor Stride

We featured Engineer Professor Eleanor Stride in one of our first Born to Engineer videos.

Dr Eleanor Stride is a biomedical engineer working at Oxford University to develop revolutionary new methods for delivering chemotherapy drugs.

Eleanor works to create and control micro-bubbles which can be injected into the bloodstream of cancer patients, magnetically guided to the site of the cancer and then burst using ultrasound, releasing the chemotherapy drugs at the site of the cancer.

It is an approach that could revolutionise the delivery of chemotherapy to patients, avoiding the widespread destruction of healthy cells that is unavoidable with present treatments.

We caught up with Professor Stride to discuss her personal journey into Engineering.

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Born to Engineer – Biomedical Engineer Professor Eleanor Stride

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It does not matter what your interests and passions are, from sport to healthcare – there is an exciting and rewarding role for you in Engineering.

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