Route Into Engineering – Mathew Holloway – Innovation Design Engineer

Route Into Engineering – Mathew Holloway – Innovation Design Engineer

We featured Mathew Holloway and his climate busting Q-Bot back in 2016.

Since then his award-winning Q-Bot has been helping housing providers tackle fuel poverty and climate change. At the end of last year, we took some time out with Mathew to discuss his route into Engineering.

Engineering can seem like a distant goal but everyone’s engineering journey has to start someone. If you’re someone who’s thinking about embarking on an engineering career pathway, we’ll give you the really good news first. There’s arguably never been a better time be an engineer.

Find out more about the different career paths you might take in our “The Different Types Of Engineering (And Their Career Paths) Explained” Guide.

Born to Engineer – Innovation Design Engineer Mathew Holloway

What makes you get up in the morning? What motivates you? For me it’s looking at the world around me and knowing that I can make it a better place

‘Born to Engineer – Mathew Holloway’ is part of our series produced by Duck Rabbit as part of a campaign to attract young people into engineering education and careers.

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