Route Into Engineering – Adrian Westaway – Design Engineer

Route Into Engineering – Adrian Westaway – Design Engineer

We featured design engineer and co-founder of the invention studio Special Projects Adrian Westaway in our seventh Born to Engineer film. Earlier this year we took some time out with Adrian to discuss his route into Engineering.

When he was 11 years old, Adrian Westaway wrote a letter to the famous magician, Paul Daniels, wanting to learn how to make his teachers disappear. The reply he received sparked a life-long love of magic which in turn led him to Engineering.

Engineering can seem like a distant goal but everyone’s engineering journey has to start someone. If you’re someone who’s thinking about embarking on an engineering career pathway, we’ll give you the really good news first. There’s arguably never been a better time be an engineer.

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Born to Engineer – Design Engineer Adrian Westaway

Everything you touch, see and interact with has been engineered and designed. But for engineer Adrian Westaway, the best inventions need something more – a little bit of magic…

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