#Born to Engineer

Route Into Engineering – Professor Eleanor Stride

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We featured Engineer Professor Eleanor Stride in one of our first Born to Engineer videos. Dr Eleanor Stride is a biomedical engineer working at Oxford University to develop revolutionary new methods for delivering chemotherapy drugs. Eleanor works to create and control micro-bubbles which can be injected into...

Route Into Engineering – Ebony Allison Career

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We featured Engineer Ebony Allison in our Engineering Careers roundtable. Our roundtable featured a frank discussion from superstar engineers, Mimi-Isabella, Ebony and Minal where they discussed everything from working in McDonalds to diversity and money. We caught up with Ebony to discuss her personal journey into Engineering....

Route Into Engineering – Milly Hennayake

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We featured Civil Engineer Milly Hennayake and her work with Engineers Without Borders UK in 2019. Earlier this year we took some time out with Milly to discuss her route into Engineering. Civil Engineer Milly Hennayake first got involved with Engineers Without Borders UK at university. After...