#Born to Engineer

How Can Engineering Improve People’s Lives?

1 year ago — Long Read

Over the next month, as part of our support for the 'Year Of Engineering', we will be taking a look at how Engineering is improving peoples lives. Often the work...

Routes into Engineering – Apprenticeships, University Or A-Levels

1 year ago — Long Read

This March we want to explore how you can jump into a career in Engineering. Mapping out your career path is a bit like a game of Snakes and Ladders...

“Managing Motorways in the Sky” – John Wheal is Born to Engineer.

1 year ago — Quick Read

It was a school visit to an airport that first got a 14 year old John Wheal thinking about all of the complex systems that have to work together to...

BBA certifies Q-Bot insulating system

2 years ago — Quick Read

The testing experts at the British Board of Agrément have certified the Qbot marking the first time it has certified a construction service delivered by a robot.

Born to Engineer Q&A — Ben Ryan

2 years ago — Long Read

Last Friday Born to Engineer star took to Reddit to answer questions about our latest video.

“Never been a better time” – Sol and Ben Ryan – New Born to Engineer Video

2 years ago — Quick Read

Our latest Born to Engineer video tells the story of Sol and Ben Ryan. Sol had to have his arm amputated after he was born. When his father Ben saw...