Route Into Engineering – Orla Murphy – Jaguar Land Rover

Route Into Engineering – Orla Murphy – Jaguar Land Rover

We featured engineer Orla Murphy and her work at Jaguar Land Rover in our 2018 Born to Engineer film. Earlier this year we took some time out with Orla to discuss her route into Engineering.

Growing up in rural Ireland, Orla Murphy remembers how exciting it felt when her family’s tractor was upgraded to include a fitted radio.

As an engineer with Jaguar Land Rover, she’s working on ways to ensure that the software that drives every function of modern vehicles can be downloaded remotely wherever they are in the world.

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Orla Murphy studied Electronic and Music Engineering at the University of Glasgow. She was the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s winner of the 2015 Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award.

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Born to Engineer – Orla Murphy

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