Route Into Engineering – Nina Parsons

engineering careers  Route Into Engineering – Nina Parsons

‘Born to Engineer – Nina Parsons’ was the eighth film in our Born to Engineer series – back then she was heading for a career in Formula 1. We caught up with her discuss her route into Engineering and her future plans.

It took just one day at a race-track for Nina Parsons to know that she wanted to be an engineer.

For Nina and her friends at Oxford Brookes, teamwork is the key to building a winning Formula Student racing car.

That and paying the closest attention to the small details that make the difference between winning and losing. She’ll need to bring all of those skills into play next year, when she’s working with the Williams Formula 1 team…

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Born to Engineer – Student Engineer Nina Parsons

“I think engineering is about pushing boundaries and analysing things very critically and questioning, continuously questioning everything”

‘Born to Engineer – Nina’ is part of our series produced by Duck Rabbit as part of a campaign to attract young people into engineering education and careers.

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