#Jaguar Land Rover

“This Is Engineering” launch Series Two

3 years ago — Long Read

Following on from the success of the "This Is Engineering" initial campaign earlier this year, the team is back with another round of clips and interviews.

‘Why would I want to do anything else?’ – Orla Murphy is Born to Engineer

3 years ago — Quick Read

Growing up in rural Ireland, Orla Murphy remembers how exciting it felt when her family's tractor was upgraded to include a fitted radio. As an engineer with Jaguar Land Rover...

Is this the end of Petrol Engine. Jaguar Land Rover pledges only electric or hybrid cars from 2020

4 years ago — Quick Read

Two months ago Volvo declared it would stop making petrol or diesel powered cars and today Jaguar Land Rover followed their lead pledging to produce only hybrid or electric powered...