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Route Into Engineering – Adrian Westaway – Design Engineer

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We featured design engineer and co-founder of the invention studio Special Projects Adrian Westaway in our seventh Born to Engineer film. Earlier this year we took some time out with Adrian to discuss his route into Engineering. When he was 11 years old, Adrian Westaway wrote a...

Special Projects unveil Magic UX

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Born to Engineer favourite Special Projects have revealed their new augmented reality tool. Magic UX lets a user pick emoji or jump between apps with a wave. The idea of Magic UX is that you can 'pin' apps, media and images to virtual points around your phone....

Dezeen reveal shortlist for their Reengineered Post-Brexit Passport competition

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When Article 50 was triggered last week it made Brexit a certainty. While others asked about the future of British Manufacturing, trade or travel, architecture and design magazine Dezeen got straight to the point - what next for the Great British Passport! Today Dezeen revealed the shortlisted...