Egypt hopes to unlock its energy potential with the worlds largest solar farm

3 years ago — Quick Read

Egypt's Western Desert is set to host the world's largest solar park.

Portugal exceeds 100% Renewable Energy

3 years ago — Quick Read

Portugal is leading the way in Europe on renewables - for the first time, it has generated more renewable energy than demand.

UK Celebrates Low Emissions As Wind & Solar Become Second Biggest Electricity Source

3 years ago — Long Read

The UK Government has just released its energy figures for 2017; they show that the UK renewable energy market is continuing to boom. The stats for the last year show...

Now we have cheap solar and wind power is it time to rethink ‘energy efficiency’?

4 years ago — Long Read

The need to cut emissions from the energy sector has motivated the use of hydro, solar and wind power, and the development of more efficient buildings that consume less energy....

Government ramps up green power projects with £557m pledge

4 years ago — Quick Read

Good news; the government has pledged over half a billion pounds for new renewable electricity schemes The so-called “Clean Growth Strategy” will be used for auctions for subsidy contracts. These...

What Are The Most Efficient Forms of Renewable Energy

4 years ago — Long Read

Today marks the second annual Professional Engineers Day in the USA; to celebrate we take a look at how Engineering is driving the renewable energy sectors rapid growth. The strength...