Engineering Podcasts – Engineering Heroes

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Engineering Heroes (previously known as Beer with an Engineer) talks to engineers and to better understand who they are, what it is that they do, and why Engineering is so incredibly important in building the world around us. The show interview engineer in a whole range of...

Do Swiss roofs have the potential to produce over 80% of the country’s electricity?

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Research that combines mapping data of Switzerland against weather information has revealed that the country could produce 50tWh of electricity (83% of the country’s annual consumption) if its roofs were equipped with solar panels. The research can be found at www.toitsolaire.ch. The site was created as part of...

Six Good News Climate Change Stories you missed in 2018

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Climate change news can be incredibly depressing. In 2018 alone, The Conversation covered the loss of three trillion tonnes of ice in Antarctica; Brazil’s new president and why he will be disastrous for the Amazon rainforest; a rise in global CO₂ emissions; and a major IPCC report which...