Meet LEONARDO – a bipedal robot who can ride a skateboard and walk a tightrope

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Engineers at Caltech have developed a bipedal walking robot that can fly, tightrope, and skateboard. LEONARDO (LEgs ONboARD drOne, or LEO for short) works by combining two different locomotion mechanisms. The robot can achieves complex manoeuvres that require delicate balancing, such as walking on a slackline and...

VW reveal working prototype of autonomous robotic charging point

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Volkswagen has revealed its' working prototype for a robot which can autonomously charge your electric cars. The German carmaker has named the RD-D2-Esque charging droid a 'Mobile Charging Robot'. The idea is simple - rather than having multiple stations where every car has to park; you can...

Meet the USAF robot dogs

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The United States Air Force has revealed its first generation of semi-autonomous quadrupedal unmanned ground vehicles (Q-UGV) ... aka robot dogs! The US will be the first nation to put these robot dogs into operational use however, despite looking like something out of a terminator fever dream, they...