SpaceX achieve total mission success launching its heaviest geostationary orbital payload yet

4 years ago — Quick Read

A Falcon-9 rocket has successfully launched SpaceX heaviest geostationary orbital payload yet. The rocket blasted a 6070kg (13,380 lb) Inmarsat communication satellite into orbit from Florida's Kennedy Space Center at...

Stanfords new method for recording bird flight in 3D shows how birds deform their wings

4 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers at Standford University have developed a new 3D method for recording the shape of birds’ wings during flight.

The moment that changed spaceflight forever

4 years ago — Quick Read

SpaceX - tech mogul Elon Musk's rocket company - has released an incredible new supercut on Instagram of its historic booster landing. Since the dawn of the Space Age, the...

Are circular runways going to take off?

4 years ago — Quick Read

Modern airports face a major constraint to growth - capacity! Current technology projects only optimise the use of the available airport capacity but aviation expert Henk Hesselink - of the...

Blue Origin Unveils an Enormous Engine for Manned Missions

4 years ago — Quick Read

SpaceX’s main private competitor, Blue Origin, has taken one-small-step for manned space flight by unveiling its new rocket — the BE-4. Hot off the heels of the SpaceX announcement last...

Is Britain joining the space race?

4 years ago — Long Read

The government is considering plans that might see satellites blasting off from British soil in the next three years. On Tuesday the Government unveiled its draft "Spaceflight Bill". The Bill...