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New Nuclear Fusion Energy Record, Bringing Carbon-Free Future Closer

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Scientists at the Joint European Torus (JET) experimental fusion facility in the UK have announced a breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy. In the project's final experiments before decommissioning, the team set a new world record for sustained atomic fusion power output, achieving 59 megajoules of fuel over 5 seconds....

Lifting the Dome at Hinkley Point C Marks Major Milestone

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Hinkley Point C (HPC), Britain's first new nuclear power plant in over two decades, reached a significant construction milestone on December 15th, lifting the domed roof onto its first reactor building. The nuclear plant has faced budget overruns and delays and is now on track to complete its...

UK Government Commits £4.5 Billion to Support Strategic Manufacturing and Clean Energy

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The UK government has announced a major £4.5 billion investment package to support strategic manufacturing sectors and accelerate the transition to clean energy. The multi-billion pound investment fund will provide targeted funding for industries vital to Britain's economic growth, innovation leadership, and net zero goals. Over £2 billion has been earmarked for...