#Civil Engineering

Engineering in Focus – Sheet Metal and its role in Machining

Long Read

Sheet metal is used in a huge number of industries - from automobile and truck (lorry) bodies, aeroplane fuselages and wings, medical tables, to the roofs for buildings - but what exactly is it and how do Engineers use it today? Sheet Metal's Role in Machining Sheet metals...

Born to Engineer – Roundtable

Quick Read

Earlier this year Born to Engineer hosted an honest and entertaining conversation about careers in engineering with three brilliant Engineers. Across the table were Mimi-Isabella Nwosu, Ebony Allison and Minal Patel. You can dive into a few of our favourite bits and join the conversation over on...

Interview – Mimi-Isabella On Her Advice To Her Young Self

Deep Dive

We featured Mimi-Isabella in our Born to Engineer Engineering Myths and Realities video - afterwards we sat down to talk to her in a bit more detail about her journey into Engineering. Born to Engineer - Let's jump right back. Tell us what you do and how...