#Civil Engineering

Born to Engineer – Roundtable

1 week ago — Quick Read

Earlier this year Born to Engineer hosted an honest and entertaining conversation about careers in engineering with three brilliant Engineers. Across the table were Mimi-Isabella Nwosu, Ebony Allison and Minal...

Interview – Mimi-Isabella On Her Advice To Her Young Self

2 weeks ago — Deep Dive

We featured Mimi-Isabella in our Born to Engineer Engineering Myths and Realities video - afterwards we sat down to talk to her in a bit more detail about her journey...

Mimi Isabella Nwosu – Engineering Myths

1 month ago — Quick Read

Civil Engineer Mimi-Isabella busts some myths about engineering.

Engineering in Focus – Pavement Engineering

2 months ago — Long Read

Your Career Guide to Pavement Engineering Pavement engineering is a civil engineering component that utilizes engineering techniques to create and maintain rigid and flexible pavements. The pavements  may include highways...

The Whaley Bridge dam collapse is a wake-up call

1 year ago — Long Read

Concrete infrastructure will not last forever without care

MIT Wins Mars City Design Architecture Prize 2017

3 years ago — Long Read

The Mars City Design Architecture prize aims to take seriously the question of how people live on Mars. This year the international competition was won by "Redwood Forest" - a...