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Engineering Questions – If all the vehicles in the world were to convert to electric, would it be quieter?

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If everyone everywhere received a free electric vehicle at the same time – and owners were required to travel at really slow speeds across well-maintained roads – the world would sound different. But that doesn’t mean it would be quieter. People can have different feelings about the same...

Latest stats show the internal combustion engine in terminal decline

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New figures show that the internal combustion engine has now entered a period of terminal decline within the UK. The latest stats, from SMMT, show that 'alternatively fuelled' vehicles reached a record 9.9% market share with 14,231 registrations. The stats show only 2.2% growth in petrol vehicles and...

Toyota dominates Tokyo Motor Show

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This week sees the biennial Tokyo Motor Show taking place at the Big Sight exhibition space; and Toyota tooks to be dominating this year's event. The Concept-I The biennial Tokyo Motor Show was first held in 1954 and has acted as a showcase for all the newest bikes...