#whyflyfast – 360 VR Wingsuit Jump above Dubai

engineering careers  #whyflyfast – 360 VR Wingsuit Jump above Dubai

A collaboration between XDubai and Skydive Dubai has produced an innovative VR recording of a wingsuit flight over the coastline of Dubai.

You can either drag on a desktop or pair the video with VR headset using the Youtube App on mobile.

The video gives you an aerial view of the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

Born to Engineer – Higher, Further, Faster

Want to find out more about the Engineering behind Wingsuits – watch our video featuring Aerospace Engineer Angelo Grubisic.

“I’m having to push to achieve what I want. Trying to make the impossible, possible. That is what engineering is about”

Inspired by his skydiving grandfather, Aerospace Engineer Angelo Grubisic fell in love with the high-risk sport of wingsuit BASE jumping. And he’s using his engineering knowledge to apply aeronautical principles to this extreme sport.

Angelo is developing the world’s most scientifically engineered wingsuit, capable of smashing records. For the first time ever, he and his team at Southampton University are simulating wingsuit performance and applying engineering design principals to create the ultimate suit.

His goal is to move the sport forwards and set world records for human flight: for the highest altitude, longest flight time, fastest speed and longest distance flown.