Launch Prize opens to 12-19 year olds

Launch Prize opens to 12-19 year olds

The STEM-X Launch Prize has gone live. This unique virtual challenge is open to 12 – 19 year old and the prize is insane.

The competition is simple. STEM-X Launch Prizes is askings students to design an experiment that will launch on a SpaceX Rocket to the International Space Station (ISS).

The competition is open now and closes on October 31st 2021. Entries are not cheap; STEM-X are charging £34 for an early bird entry then £45 for standard entry.

Normally Born to Engineer wouldn’t promote something with such a steep price tag but STEM-X has excellent credentials; backed up a who’s who of creatives, scientist and NASA astronauts.

When the competition closes the 5 experiments will be chosen. STEM-X will then fly these winners to Florida where they will build the experiment at NASA with the help of Astronauts and Space Scientists, load it on a SpaceX Rocket and then you can sit back and watch as they fire it over the International Space Station for Astronauts onboard to conduct and send the results back down to earth.

Alongside this, you would also get a stay in a 5-star luxury hotel, have tickets to 2 theme parks and get $2,000.00 spending money.

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