A Centipede-Inspired Leap in Robotics: Embracing the Power of Many Legs

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In robotics, innovation often takes a leaf out of nature's book. This time, the humble centipede has caught the attention of engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. While the thought of a multilegged creature might make some people squeamish, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have...

Meet WORMS: The Mix-and-Match Lunar Robot Set to Revolutionize Moon Exploration

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Imagine a lunar robot that is as versatile as it is quirky. Introducing WORMS, the Walking Oligomeric Robotic Mobility System, a mix-and-match robotic system designed by MIT engineers. This innovative lunar robot aims to support the construction and maintenance of permanent Moon colonies, while also saving time, space,...

The Science Museum is challenging misconceptions of what engineers do

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This June, London's Science Museum will be expanding its reach by opening a brand new Engineers Gallery. The new gallery will be dedicated to some of the world’s most innovative technological achievements and their masterminds, this gallery seeks to obliterate common misconceptions about engineers with inspiring narratives from...