Pioneering the Future of Robotics: The CRADLE Centre Initiative

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In an ambitious move towards the future, engineering giant Jacobs and the University of Manchester have joined forces to establish a new international research centre. The Centre for Robotic Autonomy in Demanding and Long-lasting Environments (CRADLE) will develop innovative robotics and autonomous systems that will play a pivotal...

A Centipede-Inspired Leap in Robotics: Embracing the Power of Many Legs

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In robotics, innovation often takes a leaf out of nature's book. This time, the humble centipede has caught the attention of engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. While the thought of a multilegged creature might make some people squeamish, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have...

Meet WORMS: The Mix-and-Match Lunar Robot Set to Revolutionize Moon Exploration

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Imagine a lunar robot that is as versatile as it is quirky. Introducing WORMS, the Walking Oligomeric Robotic Mobility System, a mix-and-match robotic system designed by MIT engineers. This innovative lunar robot aims to support the construction and maintenance of permanent Moon colonies, while also saving time, space,...