Infographic – Where Is Cyber Fido Headed Next?

Infographic – Where Is Cyber Fido Headed Next?

The definitive guide to the Evolution of Robotic Dogs

Engineers have long sought to explore the potential for robots. There has been a long history of the development and creation of autonomous machines, mobile, and quadrupedal robots ( aka four-legged robotic dogs! ) have seen a significant boom in the last decade.

The development of quadrupedal robots has been driven by the the need to explore dangerous or unstructured terrains. Unlike wheeled or bipedal/two-legged robots quadrupedal robots have superior locomotion system in terms of stability, control and speed.

These capabilities are now being developed in a variety of fields, from construction and entertainment to space exploration and military operations.

Today, modern robotic dogs are used by businesses and developers to complete tasks and explore environments deemed too dangerous for humans.

Written by Sophie Isbell. Sophie writes on behalf of Panda Security covering cybersecurity and online safety best practices for consumers and families. Specifically, she is interested in removing the barriers of complicated cybersecurity topics and teaching data security in a way that is accessible to all.
Her most recent piece is on the evolution of robotic dogs and where they’re headed next.
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