What Does a Structural Engineer Know That Other Engineers Do Not Know?

engineering careers  What Does a Structural Engineer Know That Other Engineers Do Not Know?

It is well-known that engineering has many branches leading to the emergence of different types of engineers.

There are civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers, among others.

While their engineering expertise may vary, they all fall into the same discipline and have one thing in common: they are all licensed, professional engineers. It means that they’ve undergone training and taken (and passed) examinations that qualify them to do their job.

What is structural engineering?

A structural engineer is a type of engineering professional that specializes in offering services to those in the real estate industry as well as to other business sectors. Their expertise falls squarely into the branch of civil engineering but their fields of study are quite diverse.

However recent breakthroughs and advances in science and architecture proved structural engineering to be of broader discipline and therefore deserves to have a place as a separate branch of engineering.

What do structural engineers do?

The infographic below brought to you by Lockatong Engineering will present more on what are the specific duties of structural engineers are and what are the traits that make them quite exceptional compared to other types of engineers.