3D printed tissues could keep athletes on track

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Bio-engineers from Rice University and the University of Maryland have shown off their first success at engineering scaffolds which can act like osteochondral tissue. Problems with osteochondral tissue - the hard bone beneath a compressible layer of cartilage - can lead to painful injuries and disabling arthritis. Their...

AI learns to detect tumours in microscopy images

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A team Japanese researchers have been able to spot different cancer within microsoptic images using deep-learning AI techniques. The new technique could lead to better cancer treatments. The technique used 'phase-contrast microscopy images' - a technique that reveals cellular structures that are not visible with a simple microscope....

Bioengineered Lungs Grown in a Lab Transplanted Into Pigs

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The average wait in the UK for a lung transplant is three to six months. There are more patients need of lungs than there are available donor organ. Bioengineers at the University of Texas hope to change that. This week a team of researchers from University of Texas...